Our Story

After flying to Austin for Bitdevs for 8 months straight, our resident lightning dev @bennyhodl wanted to create a more action oriented group here at home and started Tampa Bitdevs in January of 2022. We soon realized people were not ready to sit down and digest information about Taproot or the latest tech. So we started monthly 101 events where we went over “What even is money”, “wtf is a wallet”, how to buy, etc.

Fast forward a year, we're hosting 5 events a month. Our loyal core group have learned how to use every tool and can teach others. So now we've decided it's time to organize. Thus Bitcoin Bay has begun to take shape.

We are a nonprofit organisation focusing on education, local business, and community service. We will be hosting Bitcoin Bay Bootcamps for middle and highschoolers to give them a crash course in money and Bitcoin over half a day. We host business workshops where we showcase businesses the new tools available to them to transact and operate on Bitcoin.

We coordinate community service events cleaning and helping our beautiful city of Tampa. We also host family events so people can bring their relatives/wives to something other than a bunch of dudes talking about Bitcoin.

Our goal is to create a circular economy. To us, that is Community, Prosperity, and Resilience. We are building a community of people who have their heads up, see what's going on around us, and are willing to work to bring about change.

While we prefer our members Flo-grown, we welcome our transplants who sought freedom in Florida. Our only criteria: no shitcoins, and no sitting on your ass. We all know the problems we're facing, we can either complain that a train is coming or get off the tracks.

We are all blessed to be living in times like these. We have the chance to build something great in the city of Tampa - something built on sound money and strong community - something that outlasts us.