Our Values

At Bitcoin Bay, we are dedicated to cultivating a close-knit family of individuals united by the values of Character, Community, and Excellence. Our mission is to drive education and innovation in Bitcoin, while fostering an environment of integrity and moral conduct within our community. Together, we strive to build strong bonds and establish the foundation for a thriving Bitcoin economy in The Bay.

We believe that every individual has a significant role to play in this transformative movement, and we encourage everyone to leverage their God given gifts and abilities to contribute to our shared mission. Through comprehensive education and outreach efforts, we aspire to empower the millions of individuals in The Bay with knowledge about Bitcoin and its vast potential. Additionally, we are committed to spearheading the development of a blueprint to share with others to shape the landscape of future generations.

As members of Bitcoin Bay, we embrace a Code of Ethics that upholds the highest standards of conduct, creating a supportive environment, and ensuring the well-being of our community. We take pride in having a high trust community and we maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards those who seek to exploit or harm our members.

Within our community, we encourage the prioritization of services provided by fellow members, promoting collaboration and mutual support. Whether it's sharing knowledge, skills, or resources, we believe in the power of our collective strength. We aim to foster an interconnected network where the needs of our community members are met through the expertise and support of one another.

Recognizing the responsibility we bear as representatives of Bitcoin Bay, we understand the importance of presenting ourselves well in public. By embodying the values of integrity, productivity, and service, we will dispel misconceptions surrounding Bitcoiners. We are determined to demonstrate our commitment to improving our community and helping others, thereby establishing ourselves as upstanding members of our local areas and showcasing the value Bitcoin brings to society.

At Bitcoin Bay, our mission extends beyond the establishment of a mere meetup network. We aspire to shape a future where Bitcoin's potential is fully realized, supported by a strong and united community driven by our shared values.

Join us in our journey to transform the monetary layer of society.