Bitcoin Bay

We are Bitcoiners, educators, business owners, food producers, content makers, and family members. Through community, we aim to bring prosperity to the Greater Tampa Bay Area.

Our Impact

Our dedication to community service, events, and support fosters a vibrant and inclusive Bitcoin community, providing a platform for collaboration, networking, and mutual assistance, ultimately driving the adoption and positive impact of Bitcoin on a wider scale.


Beef Bootlegger

Creating resilient communities with deep ties to local food production.


Community Service

Improving and fostering community ties via volunteering opportunities.


Local Education

Sponsoring and collaborating with clubs at local schools to provide education and experience.



Bringing together Bitcoiners.


Our Services are tailored to empower and guide you through the dynamic world of Bitcoin. Whether you're seeking personalized advice, group learning opportunities, or assistance in managing your digital assets, our dedicated team is here to ensure your Bitcoin journey is secure, informed, and aligned with your goals.

1 on 1 Services

Need more help than we can provide at our free meetups? Book time with our qualified professionals at affordable rates. Whether you need hardware assistance, strategic planning, or want to regain your privacy, we are ready to assist!

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Free Self Custody Help

Already have Bitcoin on an exchange? Self custody is so important to us that we will walk you through the process of setting up a Bitcoin wallet and withdrawing from an exchange.

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Group Guidance

Join our Donor Stewardship program - where we meet weekly with our generous donors to make sure everyone is comfortable in their Bitcoin journey and is staying abreast of our changing world order.

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Bitcoin Bay Farms

Supporting local ranchers and farmers is very important to us at Bitcoin Bay. We partner with local food producers to offer fresh, local food to our members. Tampa locals can shop for meat and produce and purchase with Bitcoin!

20+ Businesses Accepting Bitcoin

At Bitcoin Bay we strive to offer members the ability to use their Bitcoin from locally owned businesses. From fitness to home remodeling we are growing our business network to build a circular economy in Tampa.

Free Bitcoin Guides

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Trusted by over 100 community members

We foster a strong sense of community by organizing weekly meetups that combine informative workshops and engaging social events, providing a platform for Bitcoin enthusiasts to come together, learn from experts, share ideas, and build meaningful connections, further strengthening the collective knowledge and camaraderie within the community.

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"Bitcoin Bay has had a notable impact on the life of my family. This group's commitment to the future of humanity and empowering individuals to chart their own paths is commendable. With a foundation in excellence, Bitcoin Bay serves as a helpful resource in a constantly evolving world."
Steve S

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